Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Japanese translation

 LATEST NEWS (2013 10 09) The Japanese translation of the MSC Guide is now available here.
Many many thanks to Hiroshi and his team of volunteer translators for this work. I have copied his email received today here below: Note: The pdf file is a big 5mb.
 Hi Rick and Jess;

I am happy that we have completed Japanese version of the MSC Guide.
Please find attached PDF file. (139pages)"MSCGuide-Japanese-
I hope you will upload it to the "MSC translation Blog” soon.
I also want to upload it to my own blog written in Japanese.

Folowing is the list of volunteer translators.

1. Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka (Participatory Evaluation Facilitator)
2. Ms. Ai Yazawa (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
3. Ms. Saori Fujimoto (Development Consultant)
4. Ms. Chiharu Hiyama (Representative of Japanese NGO)
5. Ms. Kaoru Fujishima(Tokyo University of Social Welfare)
6. Ms. Yukiko Uehara (National Diet Library)
7. Ms. Yuriko Minamoto (Professor, Meiji University)

It took more than two years, but we learned a lot through the
translation process.
We will try to disseminate this Japanese guide in Japan too.

Thank you for your help.

Hiroshi Tanaka
We have recently received this email, and have since replied, encouraging Hiroshi to go ahead with the planned translation of the MSC Guide into Japanese. If you would like to help, please feel free to contact Hiroshi, whose email address can be found at the end of his email.

September 2, 2011
Dear Dr. Rick Davies, Dr. Jessica Dart

Greetings from Japan!

I am Hiroshi TANAKA, Participatory Evaluation Facilitator.
I used to be engaged in rural development in Nepal for 10 years.
After that, I  completed master course of IDS, university of Sussex.
Then I become an evaluation experts for mainly NGO programs.
Also I am a member of the Japan Evaluation Society(JES).

When I attended INTRAC evaluation conference last June in Netherlands,
I got to know Most Significant Change is very interesting and useful .
But this method is not yet popular in my country.

Now I have a plan to following English guide into Japanese language.
with a help of Dr. MINAMOTO Yuriko, a professor of Meiji University,
one of the leading universities in Japan. She is a board member of JES too.

”The 'Most Significant Change' (MSC) Technique: A Guide to Its Use (2005)"

I would be very happy if you 'd give me permission of the translation. And your
kind advices will be appreciated for the translation process if needed.

Although I and Dr. Minamoto are interested in MSC, there has been no support
for this work so far . So translation must be done by voluntary work.

I am waiting for your reply soon.


Hiroshi Tanaka
田中 博 Hiroshi TANAKA
Participatory Evaluation Facilitator/Organizational Development Advisor
☎/FAX 81+ (0)3-6794-4467 E-mail: