Monday, 15 October 2007

Indonesian translation

In May 2007 Julia Suryantan contacted me to say...(edited text follows)

"I am working for Church World Service (CWS) Indonesia as Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator...CWS have introduced and used MSC for several years to both internal and external organization (partners/local NGO). However, in my opinion, it still needs a lot of improvement and correction on how we implement MSC. One of the reasons is language barrier on understanding the MSC guide. Do you have Indonesian version of the MSC guide? If you do not have it, is it possible for CWS Indonesia to translate it to Indonesia language."
If you are interested to liase with Julia Suryantan here contact details are:
Julia Suryantan, julia AT, M&E Unit Coordinator, CWS Indonesia
Kemang Selatan II no 4A, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, Phone: +62-21-7197929
Mobile: +62-812-8178965
From: "Paul Boon"
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 08:29:43 +0800
Subject: RE: [MostSignificantChanges] Translations of MSC Guide into other languages

Hi all,

We have developed a number of materials in Indonesian. Maybe useful to put there too.
It is not a translation of the guide but a short version – might still need some work to make it perfect.

Update: (06/12/2007) Paul has now provided a Bahasa Indonesian translation of a MSC PowerPoint presentation (all 40 slides)

Update: (22/12/2007) Paul has now provided links to two new documents. The first is a booklet on MSC in Bahasa Indonesian (44 pages, in pdf format). This is not a translation of the MSC Guide, but it does make extensive use of the Guide and other materials on MSC.

The second is a compilation of MSC stories in Bahasa Indonesian (106 pages, in pdf format).

Both documents have been produced by and for ACCESS (Australian Community Development and Civil Society Scheme), funded by AusAID

Latest update (13/11/2008) ACCESS have now produced a full Bahasa Indonesian translation of the MSC Guide


Tyas said...

Hi Rick! I tried to download a compilation of MSC stories in Bahasa and booklet on MSC in Bahasa. Cannot redirect to the source/server. Where can i access it? or, if you still have a copy of it, i will be grateful if you can send me one. thank you so much before hand! -Tyas:

Rick Davies said...

Hi tyas

The links are now working.
Sorry for the break

regards, rick davies

Ania Maharani said...

Thanks for your information, Mr. Davies. It's very useful for us. But, link update 2008 cannot redirect to the server. Only presentation 2007 was worked. Thank's before :)

ajh said...

I also have tried to download the Indonesian documentation for MSC but could not access any of the links provided. They appear to be no longer functioning. Is there anywhere else where these documents might be saved?

AJ Hollenbach

Nehik Sri Hidayati said...

Dear Tyas.... I will share a compilation of MSC stories in Bahasa and Booklet by ACCESS to your email.