Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Hindi translation

From: "sanjay tripathi"
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:48:09 +0530
Subject: Re: [MostSignificantChanges] Translations of MSC Guide into other languages

Hi all !

We are using the MSC technique for assessing the impact of BCC done by village volunteers in 100 villages of Lalitpur(Uttar Pradesh, India). The BCC is a part of the integrated village development project known as the Bal Bandhu Pariyojna which is being supported by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Unicef.

I wish the members to know that we have used a Hindi Translation of Rick's Guide for our assignment which was provided to us by Unicef. Further, I have also designed a sigle-page hand-out on the MSC technique in Hindi. I have tried to use simple words and put in a nutshell the MSC technique. The hand out can act as a useful tool for beginners ad stakeholders.

We have reached the stage of meta and content analysis in our assignment. I wish to know if any content analysis reports are available with this group, because that would provide me with valuable insights as to how to go about analysing the stories. Thank you and Best wishes

Sanjay Tripathi

Link to one page summary of MSC in Hindi (70Kb)(added 25/11/07)

Link to MSC Guide in Hindi (740Kb), produced by the UNICEF Office for Uttar Pradesh. (added 26/11/07)

many thanks, rick davies


Manisha Doda said...

This Hindi translation needs lots changes like simple words to be used, check the spelling errors etc. This translaton looks Sarkaari (Govt.) translation.

Anonymous said...

problem with the hindi link

Rick Davies said...
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Rick Davies said...

I have now fixed the link to the two Hindi documents