Monday, 15 October 2007

Spanish translations

The Spanish translation has been done in two parts

Chapters 1 to 6 were translated by Eva Comancho, contracted by Heather Dolphin at Lutheran World Relief

Chapters 7 to 9 were translated by Eva Comancho, contracted by Rick Davies. This translation was reviewed Laura del Valle and Cristhiam Alvarez, of World Vision. I have attached their comments below. This version includes edits made by Laura del Valle and Cristhiam Alvarez. Further work may be done on this translation by Eva Comancho.

LATEST NEWS (26 OCT 07) Here is Eva's final version of Chapters 7 to 9, taking into account Laura and Cristhiam's suggested edits

If you choose to make use of this translation please consider contibuting to its further improvements by:
- send me your comments on the types of improvements needed (in English)
- send me a copy of the Spanish translation with your own suggested edits visibly inserted in it (e.g. use "Track Changes" in MS Word)

It is in everyone's interests to see the quality of this and other translations improve over time

regards, rick davies


Rick said...

The following comments were made by Laura del Valle and Cristhiam Alvarez in May 2007, re the translation of chapters 7 to 9:

* Gender language. To avoid the sexist language. In Spanish the gender in he language is very sensitive, so it is important to filter the document with a gender approach. Several phases and terms are written in a male language,so the recomendation should be to use a more inclusive language like man and women, and/or , he/she. You will read the notes inside the document.

* Form, style and translation issues: Few changes have been made to harmonize the style and form of the document (used of sings, verbal meaning of the words, gram agreements, times, etc). The transaltion, in some cases, do not correpond with the original in English, in which cases can lead to misunderstanding of the content.

* Consistency of the translation: some indications have been made along the document to keep the consistency in the translation of certain terms, in order to help people that will read this document for first time and they might not have access to the original document to make comparisons, and this also can lead to misunderstanding or confusion in the readers.

* Use of a standar Spanish: It is helpul to translate the terms and concepts to a more standard Spanish, that can be understand in most of the Spanish speaker countries (ex. involved instead of implying)

* Use of abbreviations, acronyms: Thef acronyms and abbreviations in the orignal document are few, but in the Spanish version new acronyms appears that are not listed and make the reading slow.Similarly, in the Spanish translation the acronyms are used as they are know in English, without an explanations in Spanish.

* Omissions in the translation. We have found several fragments in the original version that were not translated to Spanish. Although these fragments were short, their absence in the translation can complicate the undestanding of the meaning and the document.


Saludos cordiales. Felicidades a Laura y Cristhiam por la traducción al español. Es muy buena traducción.
Motivado por ello, espero poner en práctica la técnica del "Cambio más significativo" con 50 estudiantes del 6o semestre, en la asignatura Desarrollo y evaluación curricular, de la Licenciatura en Pedagogía, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, primer semestre del 2008, que cubrirá el período febrero-junio.
Les informaré oportunamente de los cambios significativos que vaya logrando con este enfoque.
Mil gracias por la traducción y felicidades a Rick Davies por la iniciativa.

Félix A. De León Reyes

Alan Segundo MArceliano said...

Uff. muy buen trabajo... hacia ya rato que no tenia en mis manos una herramienta tan buena como esta, la aplicare en mis monitoreos.


Anonymous said...

Rick, hi there. I cannot download the file with revised Translation of MSC Chaps 7-9; the link does not work. Could you send me the file or re-new the link, please? thanks. Jutta

Kawa Mek said...

Excellent idea to translate the manual.

Unfortunately, the link to the revised version of chapter 7-9 is still broken. I hope it can be fixed.

Rick Davies said...

Hi all
My apologies for the very long delay. I have now finally fixed the link, to access the revised version of chapter 7-9

catrachibcha said...

I think I have found a way to avoid the sexist byass in writing/speaking Spanish: Why not use "la persona..." (singular) or "las personas..." (plural)?